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Release date 18th december2020

You can play only the songs Highlighted inYellow
each one is
composed by some small fragments
 randomly choosen
from the full song and
edited in an alternative sequence!

mixed together with some annoying fade in and out!

only for this intent!

01. Flying Higher (intro)
02. Butterfly
03. World On Fire  - (The Covid Song) - (Written in 2013)
04. Laughing In Paradise
05. Catwalk To The Moon
06. Babylon  - the Full Version is  7' 59" (Featuring : Erol Sora and Kee Marcello)
07. Breakdown
08. It's Raining In My Mind
09. The Endless Wait
10. No Sorrow
11. Joy Ride Down A One Way Street (also part of  the cd Compilation of Fireworks Mag. out
on 16th december 2020
12. My Heart
(the perfect movie soundtrack) Grandpiano and vocals

album lenght 58' 13"